Plan my Wedding is a premium online wedding planning resource designed by a group of reputed wedding planners to inspire and support couples getting married within Southern Africa. Introducing them to the best wedding venues, most experienced service providers, latest trends and décor as well as ideas and tools to help plan the wedding of their dreams.

We hope that Plan my Wedding serves as a fun and exciting way to get acquainted with the latest trends in the wedding industry. If you’ve ever picked up a bridal magazine or searched the internet for wedding information and felt disheartened by what you didn’t find, well you are in the right place!

With years of experience in the wedding industry along with top developers, we are best able to provide a platform to help couples with smart planning, practical guidance and quality wedding information. We will guide you in every step of the way to ensure you get the best in the wedding industry at the right price. If at any point of the process you may feel overwhelmed, our experienced coordinators will be there to help you also provide coordinating services at the most reasonable rates.

Service Providers or Bride to be; keep a look out for our Events and Workshops each individually aligned and created for you to ensure you get the best out of what we want to provide you with.  A stress free planning process as well as successful, happy service providers!


Find inspiration in our ideas section. You can search and save images to find exactly what you need to start creating. Whether you want a luxurious wedding filled with roses and chandeliers or just a ceremony for two on the beach, we have the images to inspire your event.

Service Providers

Need to hire the right people? Once you start turning inspiration into action, we will help you find vendors that are perfectly suited to create your affair. Search vendors by area, category and rating, No more wasted time contacting venues too small for your big day!

Checklist and Budget Tool

Stay on task and on budget with our planning tools. Our checklist will ensure that you don’t forgetthe teeny-tiniest of details, and our budget tool will let you know exactly how much you have spent.

Lastly, design your own webpage to keep your guests updated and posted on what’s coming, RSVP’s and menu items.

Above all, we are here with you throughout your adventure.

So, congratulations and let’s get started!

Once you enter full-on wedding planning mode, you will probably need someone to “talk” to. We’ve got you covered! We have articles and advice to help you understand the difference between peonies and posies, tricks for not offending your future in-laws, and suggestions for one-of-a-kind bridesmaid gifts.