For us, knowledge and empowerment is integral to how we do business. With 7 billion people on our planet, resources to alleviate poverty can be strained. This means Education and knowledge is the only acceptable model of growth for our business. 

The CES Collection Empowerment Plan sets out to decouple our growth from our impact, while at the same time increasing our positive social impact.

Our Plan has three big goals that by 2020 will enable us to:

  • Help more than a ten thousand people to improve their knowledge and wealth through education and entrepreneurship.

  • Halve the environmental footprint of the businesses created.

  • Source 100% of our resources through local and sustainable firms and enhance the livelihoods of people across our value chain.

To embed this into every stage of the life cycle, we’re working with our companies to support responsible approaches to education and growth. We’re also learning from NGOs and other organisations, recognising that building a truly sustainable business is not something we can do without expert advice and eachother .

At the heart of our business is our purpose – to relieve poverty and crime through knowledge empowerment and entrepreneurship. Companies are increasingly realising the role that purpose can play and The Collection along with many others has signed up to the Blueprint for Better Business initiative, which helps business develop their purpose and embed it within the organisation, as well as move the conversation of the business sector as a whole.

We believe that as a business we have a responsibility to our clients and to the communities in which we have a presence. We aim to invest in local economies and develop people’s skills inside and outside of The CES Collection. And through our business and brands, we run a range of programmes to promote education, nutrition, financial education, entrepreneurship, empowerment and environmental awareness.